Trickstar Radio signs KXVU for Breakfast

With a new focus Trickstar Radio has signed KXVU for the brand new Trickstar Breakfast Show which launches in Monday 3rd December at 7:00am. KXVU (Jay McDougall) runs local record label and events company 'Southpoint Music' which Trickstar DJ Ben Duke is also part of. Jay also is a regular feature writer for Juno Download and, as well as new label partnerships agent for Cygnus Music; coupled with regular nights across the city.

Jay will be complimented in the new Trickstar mornings line up alongside some well-known voices to the station in the form of Si & Damo, who used to host 10am to midday on Thursday mornings and now move to Friday's. Roxy Roberts who currently co-hosts the Pear Shaped Audio show on Wednesday's gets her own morning show from 10am on Monday's along with Ben Duke. The rest of the week Tuesday to Thursday will be hosted by Ant Nichols and Azariah Sheely who co-hosted with Ellie Sabine-Singh, who will still feature guest presenting on the station. Trickstar has also introduced an Early Breakfast slot from 4am-7am to allow new talent a change to break into the industry, and the programming team will be working hard with local aspiring DJ's to help nurture that talent. The new line-up fuses some strong local presentation talent along with new future talent to bring a fresh new feel to mornings across Brighton & Hove, lead each morning by Jay when you wake up. Speaking about leaving his family working to come to Trickstar, Jay told us "...I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for myself and others to bring forward Brighton’s lifeblood in the form of it's underground music scene. Trickstar has been a hub for restoring Brighton’s underground music community, and it's a real honour to take up hosting the show full time. I think there are some seriously cool times ahead for the city and the station, and I’m planning on bringing as much of it alive as I can to the Breakfast Show!" You can view the new schedules and browse the DJ pages by visiting the schedule page via the website. For more information on the new sound to Trickstar and the plans which the station has as we head into 2019, make sure you follow Trickstar throughout Social Media simply search for (@trickstarbtn), and you can view all the new content on the website The best way to find out about the exciting new changes is by tuning into Trickstar on DAB Radio, download the app via the App Store or GooglePlay or by tuning in via the website

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